For the engagement I wanted to Surprise Wendy - and - that was no easy task.  We have been planning a trip to go Diving (Jeff dive - Wendy beach/worry) and my plan was to propose there - but - I just knew she was expecting it then - so - I had to do something creative so that she was caught off guard.

Wendy wanted to get her nails and toenails all pretty before going to Grand Cayman and she planned on doing it Thursday (December 6th) which worked out perfect.  What I did was write up a story line of our Journey together and wrote the Journey on cards so that when she walked in after her nails, she found a stairway covered with 4 dozen red and pink roses, the stairs lit by candle and these notes resting on every other step.

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With each new note, she climbed the step and continued our Journey together. When she walked in I was standing watching her as she immediately started to tear up (in joy...I think !!)  When she got to the top and read the last note - she turned around and I was standing there holding out the ring as I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me.  

After many long moments (ok - not really - but...) she said 'YES'.  (And - the ring Fit !!!)  

Here are the headings of the notes

The Journey Started on One Knee 

The First Date

The Mystery

Time Flew By

There was a sighting


The Chase

Our 2nd First date

The First Big Decision

 Meeting the Family

Raging Burrito

Our first big trip

Our trips:

 Our first week of silence (Jeff goes to the Grand Canyon)

1 YEAR -

The Negotiation

A Whole New World  

I ended on one Knee