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We arrived in Athens early in the morning of July 6th.  We were told that the ride from the port to Athens would be 40 minutes or so... we were a little surprised when it only took about 10 minutes - we thought the cabbie was pulling something over on us - but - sure enough we arrived at the Marriott hotel with no problem.  We got to our room and the view was AMAZING...we had a spectacular view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon!!!

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We went into town and had lunch at the Plaka which is the central shopping district (boy - do I miss shopping now...) and food district (don't miss that either - I've lost 5 pounds after being home for 3 days.)

There are many nice things to see in Athens, but most of them you can see in about a day.   

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We had a great dinner at the top of the tallest mountain our 2nd night there - with our friends from the cruise - it was a great way to say...not good bye... but "See you soon" and a great ending to a magical honeymoon.
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