We arrived into Istanbul to a great surprise....we were met by a local who had a car and a driver waiting for us.  This was a wedding present by Wendy's close friend Udi and his family - THANK YOU !!!! 
It was a great way to acclimate ourselves to this wonderful city.  

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Since the wedding kept us so busy, we didn't do a lot of research on Istanbul.  As we found out - there are 15 million people living there and it is the only city that exists on Two Continents - Europe and Asia.  The great Bosphorus Straight separates the two, and there is a bridge that you can cross in 2 minutes (by car) that will take you from one side to the next.  Very awesome.  
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Our driver was great and showed us many places (Mosques, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market), and walked us around to keep Wendy out of trouble.  (I never knew what a trouble maker sh...oh wait - that's me.)
We took an all day boat/bus tour of the city and learned a lot about the history and it's people.  We even got to go to a Turkish Rug making School - and to our amazement - they even offered to let us buy a rug...that was very kind of them.  ("$4,000 - but - you can have it for $2000" - such nice merchants.)
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The food was very tasty and very inexpensive, which is not so true for the alcohol.  At some restaurants, a drink was more expensive the the dinner plate - and these were not tourist places.
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The Spice Market was our favorite place to walk around and buy things.  As you can see from these pictures it was very colorful and lively.  The Turkish delights were very sweet as they used a lot of Honey for their sugar.
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Istanbul was one of our favorite parts of the trip - the city and the people were good to us and really helped kick off a terrific honeymoon for the new Rudd Family.
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