Greek Islands - Pg 2

Here are some of the pictures that our friends sent to us - enjoy !!! 

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The Blue Mosque

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Steve & Tamar
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Temple in Rhodes
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Temple in Rhodes
DSC00436.JPG (2166041 bytes)
Howard & Pam
DSC00495.JPG (1866197 bytes)
The Love Boat
DSC00477.JPG (2252841 bytes)
"Hi Big Fella"
DSC00466.JPG (2363169 bytes)
The Green Mile - Turkish Style
DSC00481.JPG (2064080 bytes)
Karl - Fending off the women
DSC00488.JPG (2326616 bytes)
Turkish Olympics - Win and
Be a Turkish Millionaire
DSC00458.JPG (2158794 bytes)
DSC00533.JPG (2348356 bytes)
Smooth Sailing Captian
DSC00489.JPG (2321339 bytes)
DSC00525.JPG (1942282 bytes)
Sun Up or Sun Down??? 
Steve saw them both !!
DSC00503.JPG (1943222 bytes)
One Tired Crew from a full day SHOPPING !!!
DSC00563.JPG (2142180 bytes)
Generations Captured
DSC00575.JPG (1827757 bytes)
The Gang
DSC00568.JPG (2384702 bytes)
A Beautiful View
DSC00604.JPG (2242221 bytes)
"Road Trip"

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