Greek Islands

We visited Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos and got a great flavor of the Greek Islands.  Besides doing a LOT MORE SHOPPING, we managed to do a nice walking tour of Rhodes and visit a museum inside the Grand Master Palace.  We ate many good gyro's ...and did some more shopping...(Leather, and a "special price for you on our handmade carpet - Windstar shop of choice").  In Santorini we rented a car and drove all over the island - including stopping at the Black Beach - very hot sand. We made it to the small town of Oia where we walked through the most beautiful area in Greece with all the white-washed homes overlooking breath taking views.  (They only have 2 colors of paint in Greece...White and Blue). 
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Yes - table for 8...we'll be there
by 9:00.... or so :)

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Santorini - B&W

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Honeymooners in Santorini

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Dance Fever

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I'm looking good in Santorini

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We rode the very scary cable car while watching people walk or ride donkeys up the trail.  Mykonos was very beautiful, and very windy.  The small town had many winding roads and almost required directions to find our way out...lucky for us there were shops to stop in... and ask for ...oh who are we kidding...more shopping.

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Windstart to Windspirit

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Santorini B&W

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Carl & Wendy and our car

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The WindStar

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